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carefully. >>> an argentinian navy training ship is sailing home from africa after being impounded two months. it was detained after u.s. court order claimed argentina's government had defaulted on a $300 million debt. a u.n.
. old navy. come fun, come all. now - was the driver target? "we won't prevent them all,t that can't be an excuse noto tr >>> shots fired on a busy bay area highway. was the driver targeted? >> we won't prevent them all, but that can't be an excuse not to try. >> the president takes the first steps in an effort to address gun violence. what he wants to try and his very short timeline for action. >> i love you. >> shot by his best friend. why the victim's first response was "i forgive you." good evening. >> someone shot at a u.s. marine as he was driving a government car down highway 85 in cupertino. kit doe shows us the car peppered with bullet holes. >> reporter: detectives say this is a sensitive and active investigation. and they went through great pains to keep this marine corps officer away from the media. after questioning him for several hours, they whisked him out a sidedoor away from our cameras. this is an active investigation, and whoever opened fire on this marine is still out there. >> reporter: a government-issued pontiac g6 was riddled with bullets. on the font pass
, in "magnum p.i," because it's like, he leaves the navy, he's 33, and he knows that he's never been 23. so, the secret to life is, like, you gotta have fun. you gotta kick back. it's 5:00 somewhere, right? - i totally respect magnum for doing that, and going back, and-and just living his life, 'cause you only have one. - some of the best lessons i have learned from "the bionic woman" are, live life in slow motion. if a computer gives you trouble, pour water on it. - goodbye, alex! - the main takeaway from "lassie" is, if you wanna look like a hero, always hang out by a well. - god, parents, watch your kids. they are getting into a lot of trouble. and, really, if you need a dog to save the day, you're probably a bad parent. - what i learned from "charlie's angels," was to always have great hair and wear a good bra. - what i've learned from "charlie's angels," is that i would always be inadequate. i would never have my own jaclyn smith collection at k-mart. i would never have hair like farrah. i would always be fatter than kate. but, i did know that i could get a boyfriend like charlie, who
-- it is a little bit easier today to get a restraining order the navy is used to be. i am grateful for all of that, but what we have got to see is grass-roots action around providing women safe haven, and then providing counseling and therapy for the men involved. not only punishment, but treatment. an abuser will abuse again. hurt people hurt other people. i wrote about my story because there is a young woman in the news i kept hearing about the never heard her name. it was kasandra perkins. she was the girlfriend and mother of child of john belter. awoke to find he had shot her nine times and killed himself. relatives and friends recount the relationship was, as they said, troublesome. the nfl team had engaged the couple in counseling. i believe a lot of people knew it was coming. that one day he would kill her. and no one -- no one did a thing. i told my story because kassie and other young women like her are not here to tell theirs. three women every day in this country are killed in domestic violence situations, whether it is a knife, a beating, or a gun. all too often the gun makes it too ea
in the united states navy. these are two men who didn't mince any words. they didn't hedge. there was candid and direct and i think this report is a quality report. the state department can take pride in it. the country is well served for the process put in place. secretary clinton said she would do this in david e. completely unfurnished appraisal and that's exactly what it is and i think she and the administration deserve credit for doing what was required here and really going to great lengths to make this sure is a very professional presentation. so tomorrow we will hear from the department on how they are proceeding forward. but i think the most important step is the report itself in the presentation later today. >> what administrative actions are taken inside the state department as a >> what administrative actions are taken inside the state department as a result of this report? >> everything the report has suggested has been embraced by the department and more. secretary clinton has sent out additional measures she think can contribute to advancing the interests set out in the report
the restoration of funding to retain at least three guided missiles cruisers that the navy proposed to retire before the end of their expected service life. the conference added an additional 3 tactical airlift aircraft that are essential of meeting the direct support airlift missions. these changes are essential to ensuring our military meets commission requirements. the bill also refuses to authorize another round of bracc, which i believe was first downed on a flabbed premise that assume the administration's proposal that it is correct. i refuse to accept the din minished department of defense and believe that force structure is needed to support our combatant commanders. i would be remiss if i did not express my concern with continued discussions on further reductions to the department of defense budget. while i believe the federal government, including the department of defense, needs to seek additional efficiencies, i reject the notion that additional cuts to federal government should be levied on the backs of our service men and women who provide so much. we hold a special trust for t
other aspects here. working with this for 35 years, working in the navy reserve as a psychologist, it isn't just the aspect of food. it's important to stay physically fit and not be isolated. those are our part that help us overcome these aspects. and we know what a person with a sedentary lifestyle deals with. a lot of those things can impact of brain development. especially the not sleeping correctly, the number of hormonal levels in the brain can also worsen mental illness. if you see a doctor and look at diet and exercise, food intake, history, symptoms -- all of those are apart. what we don't want to do is say here, coming a few months. that's the role of treatment. the combination of therapy, much as needed and looking at all parts of it are very important. >> guest: raising children by yourself, congratulations. i felt very depressed because my husband is not necessarily the best parent my children. i was the disciplinarian. but certainly a good diet will help address some of the issues. yes, there are clinical aspects as well. generally if you have a good diet and eat well
to this. they had an army of only 700 people. there was no navy to control the shipping or protect our shipping rights. the articles of confederation, congress realized, we should also realize, if we do not have an adequate or strong defense, not only can we not militarily defend this country but we don't have the ability of diplomatically of trying to reach solutions to problems without resorting to military efforts. they realized this was one of the flaws of america when they wrote the constitution. so it is not -- it is not unusual for them to specifically put in here that one of the responsibilities that house has is to provide for the common defense. it is not unusual that in article 1 section 8 there are several clauses, seven of those 17 clauses as well as the introduction talks about military defense and military preparedness. they recognized how significant that was, not just for the defending militarily but also for the future and the diplomatic abilities of the future of the united states. this bill deals with one of the few core constitutional responsibilities that we have.
of that -- of the -- one of those subcommittees, the one that has responsibility with the navy and marine corps with my good friend gene taylor. i had to leave that subcommittee, but while i was there, gene and i changed the course of our navy for the future. and all of the major surface combatants will be nuclear. didn't make any sense to us that our aircraft carriers which are nuclear cannot function without the escort ships who are fueled for about five to seven days and if there are no tankers out there to fuel them, that didn't seem to make any sense to us and we pushed and got it through our navy surface combatants are going to be nuclear. i had responsibility for the marine corps and i was honored to work with gene taylor and 47 $-- $47 billion, saved a lot of lives in the assem metric war. i thought i might spend a few moments that remain and look back at those times i have come to the floor. i came here to talk about four different things and i thought i might spend a few moments talking about those things. probably got more calls in our office about the talk i had given here probably four, fi
year. the navy's big worry? women are still not confident their reports will be taken seriously. >> the chain of command is part of the problem. you are required to report the incident to your chain of command. oftentimes the assailant is your commander. >> reporter: at west point and the air force academy, the number of sexual assault incidents reported rose as well. while disturbing, the survey did find the at these schools women appear to be more comfortable going ahead and reporting harassment and assault, though there were many cases of unreported incidents. and the military is cracking down on senior officers. an army general is scheduled to go to trial in the coming weeks on charges he committed sexual offenses, but at the military service academies commanders are under growing pressure to make sure their students are kept safe. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. >>> the shooting in newtown has many debating the need for more gun control, but is a stricter gun law part of the answer. we're focusing on understanding mental health. a medical examiner is looking for answers i
and solemn ceremony brought home the impact of our nation's loss. glenn doherty was a former navy seal. he was also from my home state, and i talked a couple times with his family. and tyrone woods was a former seal. sean smith, an air force veteran. all people for whom service to country was their life. and so today we again say thank you to all of them, to the fallen and the families. they all gave to our nation, and we're grateful beyond words for their service and their sacrifice. from the very beginning of the benghazi events, every member of this committee has shared with the president and secretary clinton our determine craigs to get all the fact -- our determination to get all the facts about what happened and why in benghazi. we submitted many questions to the state department to be incorporated into this investigation, and we're very pleased that they have been. we've had a number of classified briefings for our members, and yesterday the committee heard from ambassador tom pickering and admiral mike mullen. we heard them deliver a very frank and comprehensive set of findings of
of the navy during the reagan administration. and i would point wownt more, the sterling credentials, i guess i can say this now because he's retiring, and a political opponent will not use it against him. jim webb is an intellectual with a passion for ideas and knowledge. for goodness sake, he even writes books, excellent books. the wind that win glowing reviews in "the new york times" and get turned into documentaries on the smithsonian channel. senator webb has put this past experience to superb use here in the senate as an active member of the committee on armed services, the committee on veterans' affairs, and the committee on foreign affairs. toth great credit before coming to the senate he was an outspoken critic of the invasion of iraq, warning that it would be a unilateral war with no exit strategy. after the invasion, he was equally outspoken in challenging the bush administration's conduct of that war. at the same time, as a member of the committee on veterans' affairs, he worked hard to pass legislation to provide enhanced education benefits for veterans, a 21st century g.i. bill
.s. navy captain chuck nash, fox news military analyst and good morning to you. this letter, is, it's strong! this is hollywood. it concludes by saying please consider correcting the impression that the cia use of coercive interrogation techniques led to the operation against usama bin laden. did not. are they right or are we out there a little bit on this? >> i think we're engaged in the theater of the absurd, bill. we have real world problems and senators are concerned maybe hollywood got it wrong and overdramatizing something? real world damage is done when the vice president blurts out the name of a classified unit that conduct as real world operation when leaks come out of the highest levels of our national security team and wind up in books or "new york times" articles, that is the damage being done. that somebody might, you know forget they're sitting in a darkened theater eating popcorn watching a fantasy movie? yeah --. bill: producers even respond to this? >> no. i mean, the whole thing is really silly and it's below the level of the stature of these people and i don't eve
important than our politics. a decorated marine, a celebrated author, a former secretary of the navy, and now a respected senator. his tireless work has helped make the world safer, our veterans stronger, and our criminal justice system more fair. and i will truly miss his company. mr. president, there's a few more retiring senators i'd like to share some more detailed stories about today, but let me, if i might, start with my chairman from the budget committee, senator kent conrad. senator kent conrad of north dakota is a senator i met many, many years ago, but if i'm going to talk about him, i feel i have to have a chart. you really can't speak to kent conrad's service and record here in the united states senate without a chart. senator conrad tackled for decades the challenge of educating the men and women of the senate, the people of this country about the very real fiscal and budgetary challenges facing our country. but as you can see, especially after the debut of microsoft exel and then again after he was named budget committee chair, the steady increase in the usage of floor
navy seals and a former foreign officer. >> gretchen: two things stood out in this report. it seemed to blame ambassador chris stevens for having gone to benghazi, which many people were upset about. but also that they said, you know, the next time around, let's make sure this doesn't happen again. that kind of was upsetting to people who really would like to know the answers of why this actually happened in the first place. >> the first thing, when you talk about blaming ambassador stevens, does that mean we have a state department that allows its ambassadors to basically run rough shod and do whatever they want in these respective countries? that let's me know there is a problem with the chain of command and also responsibility. if there is no oversight of our ambassadors, then we have greater problems at the top. that means the secretary of state. >> gretchen: let's move on to the next topic because we were just discussing the former marine, jon hammmar, who has been chain to do a bed in a mexican prison since august. you're from florida. i know many members of congress in that st
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)